City Pharmacy Group Limited Launches Online Shopping In Time For Christmas

MONDAY 7th DECEMBER 2020 [Stop & Shop Harbour City]: CPL Group launches online shopping experience for customers.

CPL Group, PNG’s leading food retail, health and wellbeing specialists, launched their online shop today ( ), to give its shoppers an even more convenient and safe shopping experience.

The online shop can be found on and will have a variety of food, household items, health and beauty, baby and electronic items for sale.

“The retail experience for CPL shoppers starts as soon as they walk through our doors from the scents, sights and visuals of our City Pharmacy, Stop & Shop, Hardware Haus, Jacks, and Prouds stores. That same interactivity and engagement will be available for all CPL shoppers choosing the convenience of online shopping, like e-bay or Amazon, but with greater access and fewer shipping costs made possible by our partner bank, and local delivery service providers,” said Sir Mahesh Patel, Managing Director of CPL Group.

The online service will cater for all domestic and international shoppers for CPL group, which means customers overseas can now purchase groceries and other products for their family and loved ones in Port Moresby.

Plans for provincial deliveries around the country will be made available in January 2021.

The current options allow customers to pay online and have their groceries delivered by a local delivery company, or the pay-and-pick service where customers can pay online and pick up ready-to-go packages at Stop & Shop Harbour city. Eventually, this service will be available via all of CPL’s nationwide footprint in its City pharmacy and Hardware Haus outlets across the nation, being the first for PNG.

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