CPL Group through City Pharmacy achieved its first visit to Fisherman’s Island, to conduct health checks and health education awareness for its children, the adults and pregnant mums, in the village. Our fully vaccinated health team and support office staff, registered 305 children, 131 adults, with 15 pregnant mothers, screened by our team of 20 during this visit.

Trans-Wonderland Marine (TWL) sponsored the ferry service to the island, on their boat ‘the bullet’, in support of this health campaign. The Managing Director, Mr James Midgely, is very supportive of this health initiate, which would have been delayed, without his assistance.

Health services for the island has been absent for some time and when a request was received from Mr Mati Kilalema, the community development committee chairman, from Fisherman’s Island.

It is unfortunate that the difficulties Fisherman island residents have to endure to get to mainland for basic healthcare. The weather and the sea conditions are sometimes life threatening and yet the residents have to take the risks.

City Pharmacy did not hesitate to take up that request. The hope for the near future is the continuation of these health visits, as the journey across unstable seas, hinders the vulnerable, the sick and elderly from health care services.

CPL is very active in assisting communities when health is a priority. By helping the people of Papua New Guinea live healthier and better lives, we succeed in meeting our vision statement.