Depend Loyalty Card Terms & Condition

CPL Group through its brand City Pharmacy (CP) will be offering a Loyalty Program for it’s Depend® customers’ who purchase the Depend® range of adult incontinence products, and undergarments at it CP outlets around the country.

  1. The Depend® Loyalty Programme, known as the ‘City Pharmacy Depend® Loyalty Programme’ or (“CPDLP”), is operated by City Pharmacy Limited through it pharmacy brand: City Pharmacy (‘CP”).
  2. This loyalty programme will commence on the 1st of June 2022 and end on the 12 December 2022.
  3. The Loyalty programme is subject to stock availability and is limited to 10,000 selected Depend® product packs.
  4. The City Pharmacy Depend® Loyalty Programme Loyalty Card (“Loyalty Card”) is issued by, and remains the property of, CPL Group who reserves the right to decline, issue and withdraw the Loyalty Card or any Benefit at any time. CP reserves the right to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Loyalty Card.
  5. Member data and personal information is protected in terms of relevant local legislation, subject to the laws of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.
  6. By joining the CPDLP, a member has agreed to these terms and conditions, as amended or replaced by CP from time to time.
  7. Terms and conditions must be checked regularly and are available in store or online at and may also be requested telephonically through the CP marketing team on email: with the subject: Depend Loyalty Program
  8. Any person who does not agree to be bound by the CPDLP Terms and Conditions may not participate in this Programme.
  9. Existing CPDLP members who do not agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, including amendments thereto from time to time, must notify CP of such refusal in writing or telephonically through the CPL Group marketing team on in which event such member’s participation in the programme may be terminated and/or such person’s CPDLP reward Card maybe cancelled.
  10. Persons redeeming any benefit using the CPDLP card may be required to provide a valid identity document as well as contact details. CP’s right to decline to register any person and/or redeem any benefit, on whatever ground, is expressly reserved.
  11. The Loyalty card and the rewards accruing thereto are not transferable. CPDLP rewards will accrue or be awarded to the member only.
  12. To redeem Benefit Programme points in store, the physical Benefit card must be presented at the point of sale.
  13. Points or rewards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  14. In the event of any abuse or fraud being committed by the member, CP reserves the right to take appropriate action against the responsible person and all points accrued and unredeemed points and rewards issued may be forfeited and the Loyalty Programme Card revoked.
  15. CP reserves the right to make certain Depend® products exempt from the earning of points.
  16. Lost, stolen, or damaged cards should be reported to the CP marketing team. Lost, stolen or damaged cards will be replaced in store on presentation of positive identification. If the monetary value of Loyalty card points, attached to the card, have been redeemed in store before the card is reported as lost or stolen, there can be no subsequent recovery of Loyalty Card points or value. CP cannot be held liable for the loss of CPDLP points or monetary value thereof.
  17. CP reserves the right to retract any awards through its loyalty partners or service providers or otherwise earned through the CPDLP points.